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Early Signs of Bed Bugs that You Should Know

If you think bed bugs are harmless or confused about how those tiny-looking insects can bring you any harm, then you are far from the truth. Bed Bugs are nothing but miniature versions of Vampires. They keep sucking your blood if you do not take care of them. As per bed bug specialist Brisbane, Bed bugs are hard to detect, just like termites. And DIY pest treatments do not eradicate them completely. That is the reason they keep coming back.

If you are worried that your house has a bed bug infestation, you need to know all you can about the signs and symptoms you should be looking out for.

First, you need to be sure, then reach out for help before the situation worsens. See below for an in-depth discussion on the early symptoms of bed bugs and what to do when you become sure.

How to know if you have a bed bug problem?

Blood Marks on Your Bed Sheets and Mattress

It is entirely normal to freak out once you notice scattered blood marks on your mattress just after waking up. Don’t worry; they won’t look like those slash movie special blood and gore scenes. It will be like tiny spots, sometimes really hard to notice even.

Those hidden sloppy blood suckers leave their traces before hiding again in their hidden nests. They attack at night or, better to say, when you sleep. Bed Bugs’ can sense when their victims are awake and prefer to vanish somehow. That is why it is hard to eradicate them, and you need professional bed bug treatment Brisbane.

The blood you’ll notice on your bed will be black or brown because it’s the blood that the bed bug has defecated onto your mattress, fabrics, settee, etc. Once you notice the blood spots, lift the mattress to look at the bottom of your mattress. You will catch a few bugs roaming around.

Bizarre Smells

Well, the reason for that odd odour is a bit gross, but hear us out! Those bloodstains you’ll find on your mattress are the outcome of you grinding and massacring them while you sleep.

One of the smells that you might get has a strong yet sweet scent. That’s coming from an alarm pheromone. It’s an inherent defence medium that bed bugs have. The scent is used to caution other bed bugs of the traps of your home. Bed bugs actually don’t stay in colonies like ants. They alarm their fellow to any ambushes against their well-being.

Bite Marks and Itching on your Skin

One fine morning, you will wake up with an awful itching and notice scattered bite marks all over your exposed skin. People usually tend to think it’s mosquitoes doing it. But bed bug bites are comparatively itchier and reddish and, with a bit, bring sensations to it.

So how can you tell whether it’s a bed bug bite or mosquito bite? Take note of the location. Is it mostly around your neck and arms? Then, there’s a chance that your criminals are not mosquitoes.

If you do not take action, your nights will be a nightmare since you will keep tossing and turning, and your morning will no longer be good. Stop scratching those bites, and search “bed Bugs specialist near me” to get rid of them.

Discomfort after waking up or trouble sleeping

One of the greatest signs that you have a bed bug issue is when your family are feeling the same kind of discomfort and trouble sleeping at night. It will seem like all of you are missing the good old good night’s sleep.

Once bed bugs get into your house, they increase at a rapid rate. Talk to a professional bed bug treatment Brisbane right away and get help.

Eggs and Exoskeletons

Bed bugs can leave massive trails of eggs as well as the old exoskeletons that they’ve shredded. The eggs have a milky or white appearance.

Don’t Ignore the Bed Bug Signs

Now that you know about all the bed bug signs and how they can warn you of a growing infestation, be sure to use this information to your advantage.

What to do if you have a bed bug problem?

Bed bug treatment specialist Brisbane

If you live in the Brisbane area, the best thing you can do is to search on your browser for “bed bug services near me.” Your search engine will provide a list of professional pest control companies in Brisbane. Choose the best bed bug exterminator from that list after evaluating their site and reviews.

Bed Bugs are More Dangerous than You Think

Bugs are terrible, even more in monsoon. You may not know that bugs reproduce at a higher rate in the rainy season. Since they are hardly visible at night because of their red-brown texture, the nocturnal hours help them become more active.

True, Brisbane has got a bad name for pests like bed bugs but finding a permanent solution is not as difficult as you think. You can google bed bug control, Brisbane, before your problems get worse. Homemade solutions are fine in case of limited infestation. 

The article mentions tips to eradicate bed bugs. To know their nature in detail and other details regarding bugs – continue reading!

Species Identification

Suppose you have not seen them before; you can locate them by their brown to black stains of defecation. Moulds on both porous and non-porous surfaces are another sign to mark their presence. 

Once the juvenile grows, bugs shed off their skin. It is essential to drive them away; no sooner do you experience a musty odour akin to soda pop syrup.

On spotting bugs

Bugs are more dangerous than you think because they are hardly visible. 

● Have a minute observation of wooden headboards.

● Check bed sheets for small brown or red spots.

● Remember to place your trolley off the floor and elevate your luggage and other personal belongings once you are back from travel.

● Rinse clothes and sheets in hot water at regular intervals.

● Inspect furniture carefully before you bring them home.

● Forget not to check your utility room and garage.

● Know the species well.

On Knowing Bed bugs

The ovular bed bugs are around 5 mm long. They are rusty brown with no wings. 

1. Cimex lectularius or Common bed bugs survive on animals and with equal gusto.

2. Cimex hemispheric or Tropical bed bugs become hyperactive, especially during the monsoon.

Normally, bugs have a life lifespan of around six months. To develop from nymphs, they need a blood meal to moult.

Bugs – a cause of worry

Bugs leave tiny bruises and reddish scars, which may result in skin itching. They may cause you blood loss along with infection while feeding on your blood. For an impactful remedy, do a timely search for the ‘bed bug specialist near me.

Bugs are more dangerous than you think because they can invade almost any surface of your house. 

Diluted rubbing alcohol and other DIY products are fine at the onset of infestation or if it is minor, but they will not offer a promising solution to eradicate the silent killers. 

Where does Professional Pest Control excel?

Now that you know it’s not your cup of tea to manage bugs by DIYs hire the best bed bug exterminator that help you look for eggs, live insects, bloodstains, and dead bugs in the creepiest places of your home. They inspect furniture, walls, sheets and mattresses, wall hanging, photo frames, roof cracks, and electrical outlets thoroughly. Bugs can easily get into your suitcases, wallets, and baggage while travelling on public transport.

In Brisbane, there are numerous pest management companies but try to get the most competent one by doing a location-specific search like the best pest control for bed bugs on your search engine. You will get several contacts. Generally, licensed professionals like ours conduct anywhere between 2 to 4 pest treatment sessions over 3 to 6 weeks to make your house completely free of bugs.   

You can also opt for the laundry treatment formula to kill these dangerous troublemakers. Google affordable bed bug control Brisbane to check any large infestation at a satisfactory cost.

Why are bugs so dangerous beyond your imagination?

Because of the high reproduction rate, you can’t see a few bed bugs in a particular place. Try to make room by shifting furniture from time to time to locate them easily. Experts apply an organic procedure that is eco-safe. Regular home cleaning is not sufficient because 

● Bed bugs have a silent infestation. 

● Preventing their growth in an untreated place is next to impossible.

● Finding their eggs with naked eyes is difficult. 

● Chemical treatment can’t restrain their breeding.

● A thorough inspection is required as a single egg can multiply into thousands.

● Bugs tend to come again even after DIY treatment. 

Bugs hide near their food source. They disappear into the cracks of box springs, upholstery, cracked wallpaper, behind baseboards, and hollow bed posts during the day. Search for the ‘bed bug treatment near me.

Professionals apply aerosols and examine all these susceptible areas to spot bugs in your house.

To date, no alternative to fumigation and ‘heat treatment’ has been invented. For the best scientific solution, book professionals that maintain industry standards for bug management.

Stop Carrying Bed Bugs To Your Home While Travelling

Bed bugs are incredibly efficient hitchhikers. They can easily climb onto luggage, move across a room, or anything left on a bed in just one night. 

For bed bugs, hotels are perfect homes due to the ready supply of fresh hosts to feed on. The difficulty of sustaining bed bug exterminators in such facilities aggravates the situation in the long term.

Always look for live insects, eggs, bloodstains, and dead bugs once you get into a room. You will notice a musty, sweet odour, like soda pop syrup. There are high chances you bring bedbugs home from vacation. To prevent this, you can

● Inspect your hotel room before settling in. Go for a quick scan of the couches, bed, or armchairs.

● Look closely at wooden headboards.

● Look for red or small brown spots on the sheets.

● Know what bedbugs look like.

● Keep your suitcase off the floor.

● Elevate your luggage and other personal belongings.

● Unpack immediately.

● Keep calm and declutter.

● Rinsing clothes once you are back home after travelling is mandatory.

● Drying beddings with heat helps kill bed bugs. 

● Don’t forget to check the garage or utility room.

Features of Bed bugs

Adult bed bugs are 5 mm long, ovular in shape, wingless, and rusty brown. 

1. Common bed bugs or Cimex lectularius feed on humans and other animals with equal gusto.

2. Tropical bed bugs or Cimex hemispheric or is the other one.  

Bed bugs need a blood meal to moult during the development of nymphs. Adult bugs can stay alive for around six months.

Why are bugs a cause of worry?

Since bed bugs feed on human blood, they leave reddish scars, tiny bruises and result in itching to your skin, which eventually gives rise to infection and blood loss. For the right solution, search for the best bed bug company near me on time.

There are high chances you get bugs once you return from travelling. They can invade almost any surface and even move through a whole house. DIY products like diluted rubbing alcohol fail to kill these silent killers. 

Normally, licensed professionals take anywhere from 2-4 treatment sessions over 3-6 weeks to eradicate bed bugs. If you stay near Brisbane, just run a location-specific search like bed bug control Brisbane on Google and find them.   

When you look for the best bed bug treatment company near me, you will get to know the benefits of using aerosols.

You can go for the laundry treatment formula to destroy bed bugs. However, to manage the larger infestation, you must google bed bugs specialist near me.

Bugs have a high reproduction rate, and you can’t find only a few bed bugs in one place. Professionals deliver service at a satisfactory bed bug treatment cost. Mere cleaning doesn’t help because 

● bug infestation occurs silently. 

● Restraining the growth of bugs in an untreated place is hard.

● They tend to come back even after treatment. 

● In bare eyes, you cannot find their eggs.

● Chemical treatment alone cannot deal with their breeding.

● A detailed investigation is needed as a single egg may generate into thousands.

The insects hide near their food source. The nocturnal species disappear into the crevices of mattresses, sheets, box springs, upholstery, furniture, and hollow bedposts during the day. 

Other hiding spots include behind pictures, baseboards, in any wallpaper that might be torn or cracked. Check all these possible hiding spots to find bed bugs in a hotel room.

Search for bed bug services near me to maintain industry standards.

There is no substitute for ‘heat treatment’ or fumigation. The best bed bug exterminator uses an organic procedure. 

Tips to remember

● Never place your bedding, luggage, or clothing directly on the bed.

● Always use metal luggage racks.

● Use small plastic bags to pack shoes, clothing, and other personal items.

● Chequebooks, toiletry kits, and other non-metal personal items.

● You can also find them on aeroplanes, buses, and train seats or in rental cars.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Brisbane?

Bed bugs are silent killers that often go unnoticed by men. People become irritated due to the nuisance of bugs and apply DIY methods such as diluted rubbing alcohol. Alcohol may kill bed bugs instantly when contacted.

It is difficult to check bed bugs infestation. Bed bugs lay eggs in cracks. 

Often people buy local spray and adopt DIY methods. However, it is unlikely to be effective. In Brisbane, the local bed bug pest control is aware of all the control measures to deal with the bed bugs issues. 

How To Check Bed Bugs Growth Effectively?

If you reside in Brisbane, google the bed bug treatment company near me, and you will find numerous contacts pop up on your screen. Commoners can’t treat bed bugs because:

● Usually, bed bug infestation happens silently. 

● It’s troublesome to manage bed bug growth in an untreated place. 

● They return even after treatment. 

● It is hard to catch a sight of their eggs in naked eyes.

● Chemical treatment is ineffective to treat bed bug breeding.

● Victims must check in detail as a single egg may reproduce into thousands.

● Contact the best bed bug exterminator who dedicates themselves to your service. 

Benefits Of Heat Treatment In Bed Bug Management

Heat treatment is impeccably good to control bed bugs. Some of you may apply fumigation and other such strategies. Nonetheless, there is hardly any alternative for ‘heat treatment’. The eco-friendly measures that the best bed bug control specialist Brisbane adopts are organic. We are careful to protect your health and surroundings from toxic chemicals. 

How Harmful Is Bed Bug Infestation For Your Health?

Bed bugs survive on human blood and leave bite marks, tiny bruises, itching, and reddish scars on the skin. This may lead to infection and blood loss.

Search for the best bed bug company near me to get a free quote.

Some Additional bits of Advice:

The affordable bed bug control Brisbane cleans all the signs of infestation thoroughly. Regularly clean all the mattresses and beds thoroughly.

Use lids to cover up the kitchen containers with lids and saturate the cracks. As soon as you see any trace of bed bug infestation, hire us immediately. 

Bed bug breeding is tough to check. They have a very elevated reproduction rate and growth. 

DIY methods do not solve bed bug problems. For entire bed bug removal, you must consult the best pest control for bed bugs. We are aware of all the technical know-how to check bed bugs growth. 

Why is getting professional help essential?

Whenever you check the website of the bed bugs treatment company near me, you will come to know that experienced pest control has the best resourceful solution to check bed bug invasion. We opt for a lasting solution and advise you to take the right step.

▪ We apply eco-friendly measures to ensure no harm is caused to people’s health or the environment.

▪ We educate you regarding pest management.

▪ Residential bed bug control is the best for a technical recommendation.

▪ We maintain industry standards.

▪ We eradicate bugs thoroughly from your bedroom, kitchen, and washroom.

▪ You can hire us for same-day services or fix appointments at your convenient time. 

▪ We go for a deep inspection. 

▪ A detailed review helps to examine the infestation status.

▪ The trained partners apply a reasonable quantity of gel, bait, and residual spray.

▪ We provide a budget-friendly pest control solution.

Controlling measures at residence

We apply pest bait gel to hinges, cracks, and crevices, inside wardrobes, under the gas cylinder, electrical appliances, and below the sink, In the gel-baiting method.

Experienced pest controllers use an insect tracking trap with a super-attractant lure. Vacating the premises is not necessary. The procedure is eco-safe, non-toxic, odour-free, and harmless to people and pets.

Controlling measures in business premises

The pest management authority applies the best mixture of insect monitoring trap methods and highly specialised gel baiting for their commercial clients.

Recognizing the pest species and their respective infestation status is crucial. We offer quotes for treatment based on the inspection after auditing the premises.