How To Cope With Bed Bug Issues In Monsoon?

Now that the Monsoon is here, you might be facing the same issues with bugs. Owing to their red-brown texture, the bugs are hardly visible at night, and this is the time when they become active.

We understand the difficulty of sustaining bed bug exterminators aggravates your situation in the long term. So, here are the things you look for to get rid of bed bugs, understanding the species- and everything you will find here!

DIY Procedures

You can identify them by the black to brown stains of defecation and mold on porous and non-porous surfaces, respectively. More so, these bugs shed off their skin once the juvenile grows.

Get rid of them as soon as possible when you get a musty odor like a soda pop syrup.

● Minutely observe wooden headboards.

● Search for red or small brown spots on the bed sheets.

● Keep your suitcase off the floor and elevate your luggage and other personal belongings.

● Rinsing clothes and sheets at a regular interval in hot water is mandatory.

● Check all the furniture carefully before you buy.

● Never forget to check your utility room or garage.

● Know the specifications of bedbugs.

Knowing Bed bugs

5 mm long adult bed bugs are ovular in shape, rusty brown, and wingless. 

1. Common bed bugs, also known as Cimex lectularius, feed on humans and other animals with equal gusto.

2. Tropical bed bugs or Cimex hemispheric is another one that causes trouble during Monsoon.

The life span of adult bugs is around six months. They need a blood meal to molt to develop from nymphs.

Bugs – a cause of anxiety

Bed bugs leave tiny bruises and reddish scars, which result in itching to your skin. They feed on human blood and give you infection and blood loss. For a proper solution, search for the best bed bug exterminator near me on time.

Bugs can invade almost any surface and even move through your entire house. You can try DIY products like diluted rubbing alcohol, but it does not promise results to kill these silent killers. 

Hiring Professional Pest Control

Local exterminators for bed bug help you look for eggs, live insects, bloodstains, and dead bugs in the creepiest places of your house like walls and furniture, roof cracks, mattresses and sheets, electrical outlets, and photo frames hanging on walls. The insects might even get into your bags, purses, and luggage when you travel.

If your house is somewhere near Brisbane, just run a location-specific search like bed bug control Brisbane on your search engine and find them. Usually, licensed professionals like them require anywhere between 2 to 4 treatment sessions over 3 to 6 weeks to eradicate bed bugs.

You may opt for the laundry treatment formula to destroy these troublemakers. However, you must google local bed bug pest control to manage the larger infestation.

Difficulties of bug infestation

Due to their high reproduction rate, finding only a few bed bugs in one place is rare. Professionals like the best bed bug exterminator use an organic procedure and deliver service at a satisfactory bed bug treatment cost. Remember, only home cleaning doesn’t help because

● Bed bugs have a silent infestation.

● Restraining their growth in an untreated place is hard.

● They manage to be back even after treatment. 

● It is difficult to spot their eggs with bare eyes.

● Chemical treatment alone is not adequate to prevent their breeding.

● A thorough inspection is required because a single egg may reproduce into thousands.

Did you know that bugs hide near their food source? The nocturnal insects usually disappear into the crevices of box springs, upholstery, and hollow bedposts during the day. Search for the bed bug treatment near me that uses aerosols.

Other hiding spots of bed bugs include behind baseboards and cracked wallpaper. Check all these susceptible areas to find bed bugs in your house.

As of now, there is no substitute for ‘heat treatment’ or fumigation. Search for bed bug services near me to maintain industry standards for bed bug control.

Tips to remember

● Never place your luggage, bedding, or clothing directly on the bed.

● Clean your home daily and perfectly.

● Make room by moving furniture to find them easily.

● Hire professionals without delay.