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Bed Bugs are More Dangerous than You Think

Bugs are terrible, even more in monsoon. You may not know that bugs reproduce at a higher rate in the rainy season. Since they are hardly visible at night because of their red-brown texture, the nocturnal hours help them become more active.

True, Brisbane has got a bad name for pests like bed bugs but finding a permanent solution is not as difficult as you think. You can google bed bug control, Brisbane, before your problems get worse. Homemade solutions are fine in case of limited infestation. 

The article mentions tips to eradicate bed bugs. To know their nature in detail and other details regarding bugs – continue reading!

Species Identification

Suppose you have not seen them before; you can locate them by their brown to black stains of defecation. Moulds on both porous and non-porous surfaces are another sign to mark their presence. 

Once the juvenile grows, bugs shed off their skin. It is essential to drive them away; no sooner do you experience a musty odour akin to soda pop syrup.

On spotting bugs

Bugs are more dangerous than you think because they are hardly visible. 

● Have a minute observation of wooden headboards.

● Check bed sheets for small brown or red spots.

● Remember to place your trolley off the floor and elevate your luggage and other personal belongings once you are back from travel.

● Rinse clothes and sheets in hot water at regular intervals.

● Inspect furniture carefully before you bring them home.

● Forget not to check your utility room and garage.

● Know the species well.

On Knowing Bed bugs

The ovular bed bugs are around 5 mm long. They are rusty brown with no wings. 

1. Cimex lectularius or Common bed bugs survive on animals and with equal gusto.

2. Cimex hemispheric or Tropical bed bugs become hyperactive, especially during the monsoon.

Normally, bugs have a life lifespan of around six months. To develop from nymphs, they need a blood meal to moult.

Bugs – a cause of worry

Bugs leave tiny bruises and reddish scars, which may result in skin itching. They may cause you blood loss along with infection while feeding on your blood. For an impactful remedy, do a timely search for the ‘bed bug specialist near me.

Bugs are more dangerous than you think because they can invade almost any surface of your house. 

Diluted rubbing alcohol and other DIY products are fine at the onset of infestation or if it is minor, but they will not offer a promising solution to eradicate the silent killers. 

Where does Professional Pest Control excel?

Now that you know it’s not your cup of tea to manage bugs by DIYs hire the best bed bug exterminator that help you look for eggs, live insects, bloodstains, and dead bugs in the creepiest places of your home. They inspect furniture, walls, sheets and mattresses, wall hanging, photo frames, roof cracks, and electrical outlets thoroughly. Bugs can easily get into your suitcases, wallets, and baggage while travelling on public transport.

In Brisbane, there are numerous pest management companies but try to get the most competent one by doing a location-specific search like the best pest control for bed bugs on your search engine. You will get several contacts. Generally, licensed professionals like ours conduct anywhere between 2 to 4 pest treatment sessions over 3 to 6 weeks to make your house completely free of bugs.   

You can also opt for the laundry treatment formula to kill these dangerous troublemakers. Google affordable bed bug control Brisbane to check any large infestation at a satisfactory cost.

Why are bugs so dangerous beyond your imagination?

Because of the high reproduction rate, you can’t see a few bed bugs in a particular place. Try to make room by shifting furniture from time to time to locate them easily. Experts apply an organic procedure that is eco-safe. Regular home cleaning is not sufficient because 

● Bed bugs have a silent infestation. 

● Preventing their growth in an untreated place is next to impossible.

● Finding their eggs with naked eyes is difficult. 

● Chemical treatment can’t restrain their breeding.

● A thorough inspection is required as a single egg can multiply into thousands.

● Bugs tend to come again even after DIY treatment. 

Bugs hide near their food source. They disappear into the cracks of box springs, upholstery, cracked wallpaper, behind baseboards, and hollow bed posts during the day. Search for the ‘bed bug treatment near me.

Professionals apply aerosols and examine all these susceptible areas to spot bugs in your house.

To date, no alternative to fumigation and ‘heat treatment’ has been invented. For the best scientific solution, book professionals that maintain industry standards for bug management.

How To Cope With Bed Bug Issues In Monsoon?

Now that the Monsoon is here, you might be facing the same issues with bugs. Owing to their red-brown texture, the bugs are hardly visible at night, and this is the time when they become active.

We understand the difficulty of sustaining bed bug exterminators aggravates your situation in the long term. So, here are the things you look for to get rid of bed bugs, understanding the species- and everything you will find here!

DIY Procedures

You can identify them by the black to brown stains of defecation and mold on porous and non-porous surfaces, respectively. More so, these bugs shed off their skin once the juvenile grows.

Get rid of them as soon as possible when you get a musty odor like a soda pop syrup.

● Minutely observe wooden headboards.

● Search for red or small brown spots on the bed sheets.

● Keep your suitcase off the floor and elevate your luggage and other personal belongings.

● Rinsing clothes and sheets at a regular interval in hot water is mandatory.

● Check all the furniture carefully before you buy.

● Never forget to check your utility room or garage.

● Know the specifications of bedbugs.

Knowing Bed bugs

5 mm long adult bed bugs are ovular in shape, rusty brown, and wingless. 

1. Common bed bugs, also known as Cimex lectularius, feed on humans and other animals with equal gusto.

2. Tropical bed bugs or Cimex hemispheric is another one that causes trouble during Monsoon.

The life span of adult bugs is around six months. They need a blood meal to molt to develop from nymphs.

Bugs – a cause of anxiety

Bed bugs leave tiny bruises and reddish scars, which result in itching to your skin. They feed on human blood and give you infection and blood loss. For a proper solution, search for the best bed bug exterminator near me on time.

Bugs can invade almost any surface and even move through your entire house. You can try DIY products like diluted rubbing alcohol, but it does not promise results to kill these silent killers. 

Hiring Professional Pest Control

Local exterminators for bed bug help you look for eggs, live insects, bloodstains, and dead bugs in the creepiest places of your house like walls and furniture, roof cracks, mattresses and sheets, electrical outlets, and photo frames hanging on walls. The insects might even get into your bags, purses, and luggage when you travel.

If your house is somewhere near Brisbane, just run a location-specific search like bed bug control Brisbane on your search engine and find them. Usually, licensed professionals like them require anywhere between 2 to 4 treatment sessions over 3 to 6 weeks to eradicate bed bugs.

You may opt for the laundry treatment formula to destroy these troublemakers. However, you must google local bed bug pest control to manage the larger infestation.

Difficulties of bug infestation

Due to their high reproduction rate, finding only a few bed bugs in one place is rare. Professionals like the best bed bug exterminator use an organic procedure and deliver service at a satisfactory bed bug treatment cost. Remember, only home cleaning doesn’t help because

● Bed bugs have a silent infestation.

● Restraining their growth in an untreated place is hard.

● They manage to be back even after treatment. 

● It is difficult to spot their eggs with bare eyes.

● Chemical treatment alone is not adequate to prevent their breeding.

● A thorough inspection is required because a single egg may reproduce into thousands.

Did you know that bugs hide near their food source? The nocturnal insects usually disappear into the crevices of box springs, upholstery, and hollow bedposts during the day. Search for the bed bug treatment near me that uses aerosols.

Other hiding spots of bed bugs include behind baseboards and cracked wallpaper. Check all these susceptible areas to find bed bugs in your house.

As of now, there is no substitute for ‘heat treatment’ or fumigation. Search for bed bug services near me to maintain industry standards for bed bug control.

Tips to remember

● Never place your luggage, bedding, or clothing directly on the bed.

● Clean your home daily and perfectly.

● Make room by moving furniture to find them easily.

● Hire professionals without delay. 

Reasons Your Bed Is the Secret Heaven for Bed Bugs

Checking bed bug infestation is not easy. Normally, they lay eggs and breed in cracks. Some of you may apply spray from the local market or some DIY home remedies. However, it is unlikely that you would get an effective result. Instead, hire the most effective bed bug treatment.

You must be thinking it is troublesome to consult them. Well, it is not so. Just Google bed bugs pest control near me‘ and spot them. 

Reason for bed bug infestation:

Bed bugs take a lift with travelers, their clothing, luggage, or other personal belongings and thus accidentally get transported with them. 

Why is your bed the secret heaven?

1. The insects eat primarily while their host is asleep on the bed.

2. They can crawl easily on your skin.

3. The tiny pests can hide there.

4. They lay eggs there.

5. They prefer dark areas like under the mattress.

6. The silent killers can stay in your bed unnoticed for a long.

7. They leave bite marks or tiny bruises in the dark.

How to kill bed bugs instantly? 

Diluted rubbing alcohol may help kill bed bugs instantly as soon as contacted. Another advantage of using this is it evaporates quickly. This makes it safer to use.

Know this before you try to Do-It-Yourself methods 

There are numerous reasons why people can’t treat bed bug growth by themselves. These are,

● Normally, bed bug infestation takes place silently. 

● Bed bugs are tough to tackle in an untreated space. 

● The pests can return even after treatment as common people cannot specify their location. 

● With bare eyes, you are unable to find their eggs.

● Chemical treatment is not fruitful.

● For eradicating bed bugs, have a thorough check as a single egg may reproduce into thousands.

Feasibility Heat Treatment: bed bug specialist Brisbane overview

Heat treatment is an extraordinary solution to treat bed bugs. The bed bug specialist of Brisbane uses fumigation, and with the help of a strong heat steamer, they make slow passes on your bed frame and bed with steam.

The items used by the best bed bug services are predominantly organic. They protect your health and surroundings from toxic chemicals. Pyrethrins, desiccants, pyrethroids, and biochemicals help mitigate the infestation.

Health Issues that arise from Bed bug bites:

Bed bugs feast on human blood during the night, and people have itching due to their stings. They leave bite marks, reddish scars on the skin, and psychological effects. Their bites may lead to blood loss and infection. It can also cause skin changes varying from small areas of redness to prominent blisters. For a free quote, you can browse for ‘bed bug treatment near me.’  

Additional Advice:

If you stay near Brisbane and hire us with affordable bed bug treatment costs, you won’t regret the decision later. We recommend cleaning all the beds and mattresses in use thoroughly.

It will help if the cracks are kept sealed. Make sure to lock all the kitchen containers with lids after use. However, after noticing any trace of bed bug infestation, don’t think twice before contacting the bed bug exterminator.

Importance of Professional Help:

The expert people in bed bug treatment apply the eco-safe procedure to ensure your health or environment is safe.

▪ We teach you about the basics of pest surveillance.

▪ Hire us at least once a year to keep your home pest-free.  

▪ We maintain industry standards and ensure the total eradication of bed bugs from your kitchen, living room, and washroom.

▪ You can go for same-day services. 

▪ When you search for bed bug companies near me or bed bug control, Brisbane, you can find it in the profiles that we apply deep inspection of places. 

▪ We believe in collecting in-depth reviews which help to get insights into the state of infestation.

▪ Our trained practitioners use a reasonable proportion of residual gel, bait, and spray.

Bed bug Management at residence:

Gel-baiting is a procedure in which pest bait gel is poured into hinges, cracks, and crevices, under the gas cylinder, inside kitchen wardrobes, below the sink, inside electrical appliances, etc. We apply an insect tracking trap with a super-attractant lure that is irresistible to pests. Evacuating the entire premise is not mandatory. The method is eco-safe, odour-free, non-toxic, and completely harmless to people and pets as well.