Bed Bugs are More Dangerous than You Think

Bugs are terrible, even more in monsoon. You may not know that bugs reproduce at a higher rate in the rainy season. Since they are hardly visible at night because of their red-brown texture, the nocturnal hours help them become more active.

True, Brisbane has got a bad name for pests like bed bugs but finding a permanent solution is not as difficult as you think. You can google bed bug control, Brisbane, before your problems get worse. Homemade solutions are fine in case of limited infestation. 

The article mentions tips to eradicate bed bugs. To know their nature in detail and other details regarding bugs – continue reading!

Species Identification

Suppose you have not seen them before; you can locate them by their brown to black stains of defecation. Moulds on both porous and non-porous surfaces are another sign to mark their presence. 

Once the juvenile grows, bugs shed off their skin. It is essential to drive them away; no sooner do you experience a musty odour akin to soda pop syrup.

On spotting bugs

Bugs are more dangerous than you think because they are hardly visible. 

● Have a minute observation of wooden headboards.

● Check bed sheets for small brown or red spots.

● Remember to place your trolley off the floor and elevate your luggage and other personal belongings once you are back from travel.

● Rinse clothes and sheets in hot water at regular intervals.

● Inspect furniture carefully before you bring them home.

● Forget not to check your utility room and garage.

● Know the species well.

On Knowing Bed bugs

The ovular bed bugs are around 5 mm long. They are rusty brown with no wings. 

1. Cimex lectularius or Common bed bugs survive on animals and with equal gusto.

2. Cimex hemispheric or Tropical bed bugs become hyperactive, especially during the monsoon.

Normally, bugs have a life lifespan of around six months. To develop from nymphs, they need a blood meal to moult.

Bugs – a cause of worry

Bugs leave tiny bruises and reddish scars, which may result in skin itching. They may cause you blood loss along with infection while feeding on your blood. For an impactful remedy, do a timely search for the ‘bed bug specialist near me.

Bugs are more dangerous than you think because they can invade almost any surface of your house. 

Diluted rubbing alcohol and other DIY products are fine at the onset of infestation or if it is minor, but they will not offer a promising solution to eradicate the silent killers. 

Where does Professional Pest Control excel?

Now that you know it’s not your cup of tea to manage bugs by DIYs hire the best bed bug exterminator that help you look for eggs, live insects, bloodstains, and dead bugs in the creepiest places of your home. They inspect furniture, walls, sheets and mattresses, wall hanging, photo frames, roof cracks, and electrical outlets thoroughly. Bugs can easily get into your suitcases, wallets, and baggage while travelling on public transport.

In Brisbane, there are numerous pest management companies but try to get the most competent one by doing a location-specific search like the best pest control for bed bugs on your search engine. You will get several contacts. Generally, licensed professionals like ours conduct anywhere between 2 to 4 pest treatment sessions over 3 to 6 weeks to make your house completely free of bugs.   

You can also opt for the laundry treatment formula to kill these dangerous troublemakers. Google affordable bed bug control Brisbane to check any large infestation at a satisfactory cost.

Why are bugs so dangerous beyond your imagination?

Because of the high reproduction rate, you can’t see a few bed bugs in a particular place. Try to make room by shifting furniture from time to time to locate them easily. Experts apply an organic procedure that is eco-safe. Regular home cleaning is not sufficient because 

● Bed bugs have a silent infestation. 

● Preventing their growth in an untreated place is next to impossible.

● Finding their eggs with naked eyes is difficult. 

● Chemical treatment can’t restrain their breeding.

● A thorough inspection is required as a single egg can multiply into thousands.

● Bugs tend to come again even after DIY treatment. 

Bugs hide near their food source. They disappear into the cracks of box springs, upholstery, cracked wallpaper, behind baseboards, and hollow bed posts during the day. Search for the ‘bed bug treatment near me.

Professionals apply aerosols and examine all these susceptible areas to spot bugs in your house.

To date, no alternative to fumigation and ‘heat treatment’ has been invented. For the best scientific solution, book professionals that maintain industry standards for bug management.