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    Bed bugs Control Brisbane

    Bedbugs are small brown colored blood-sucking insects that are commonly found in our homes. Around the size of an apple seed at 5mm, these oval-shaped insects can easily invade our homes through tiniest of cracks or holes. Their diet mainly constitutes fresh blood from a human but can make do with other animals too. After the meal, their brown body turns reddish.

    Expert Bed Bug Specialists in Brisbane

    Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures and are only active during the night. They prefer to live in dark environment away from light and always remain in hiding during the day. Bed bugs usually hide in seams of the mattress, box spring, cracks on the bed frame, chairs, couches, cushions, wallpaper, etc. Commonly found in the bedroom, kitchen, and offices, it can be very difficult to remove bed bugs infestation from your premises. If you are infected by bedbug infestation, then the Bed Bugs pest control Brisbane can help you get rid of your blight.

    Health Concerns Related to Bedbugs

    Though bed bugs aren’t as dangerous as some other pests when it comes to affecting the health of people, they still have some health issues that they can cause like-

    1. Itching and rashes on Skin – Bedbugs can cause some bite marks on your skin which can itch sometimes and can remain for several days. Some people can even develop rashes on the affected area.
    2. Allergic – Bedbugs bites can trigger allergic reactions on their victims which can range from mild to severe. People allergic to bed bugs should immediately seek medical attention.
    3. Infection – Though there isn’t any risk of catching an infection from bed bugs; the bite wound can be infected by other bacteria or pathogens. This can usually occur when the individual scratches the wound due to itching.
    4. Other health issues – Bites of bedbugs can be irritating and may not let you sleep at night. This lack of sleep is associated with other health issues like insomnia, depression, anxiety and other systemic reactions.

    Identifying Bedbugs Infestation

    Though bedbugs are nocturnal and are only active during night when you are sleeping, there are still some signs by which you can identify the bedbug’s infestation-

    1. Rashes and bite marks on skin mainly on arms and shoulders.
    2. Finding skin shedding, eggs, and eggshells under the bed or mattress.
    3. Reddish and dark colored stains on mattress and bed sheets.
    4. Defecations and other excrements.
    5. Finding alive bed bugs on bed sheets, mattress, bed or chairs.

    Common Bed bugs Sресіеѕ Found in Australia

    There are two species of bedbugs that are found in Australia

    1. Cimex Lectularius – It is a species of Bedbugs that are spread throughout the world. Cimex Lectularius mainly feeds on human blood. They go through five stages in their life and blood meal is necessary for them to go to next stage. This species of bed bugs have been spread throughout the world, everywhere humans have made their habitat.
    2. hemipterus – C. hemipterus is a species of bed bugs that are found in tropical regions. They are usually found north of the New South Wales and Queensland border in Australia. This species of bedbugs like wood and paper for hiding than stone or textiles. Females are usually larger than males. C. hemipterus feed on blood from blood vessels and are solenophages.

    Can I do it mуѕеlf?

    Though, it is advised that you contact a pest control professional like Bed bugs Inspections Brisbane for treating your bed bugs infestation. But if the infestation is not severe, you can do take some measures to eradicate the bed bugs infestation.

    1. Wash all your bed linens and then dry them at the hottest temperatures to kill bed bugs. Bed bugs can’t stand temperature over 45°C.
    2. Inspect any second-hand furniture that you may want to buy.
    3. Empty the vacuum cleaner outside your home.
    4. Wash all clothing and luggage when you come from a trip as bed bugs spread by sticking to clothes and bags.

    These are some preventive methods so that the bed bugs infestation doesn’t become severe. But it is always advised to get professional help in pest control as they have better experience handling these troublesome insects. Our professional team of pest exterminators will locate and eradicate all presence of bedbugs from your home.

    What will we do?

    We are the best Bed bugs treatment services in Brisbane that will not only eradicate bed bugs from your bedroom but do a thorough inspection of your home to find the root of the infestation. If you only remove the visible bed bugs from your house without eradicating the bed bugs colony, your problem will return again. So to prevent this from happening, we do the bed bugs eradication by following steps-

    1. First, we will inspect your home thoroughly and find out the major problem areas.
    2. A detailed report will be given to you regarding our findings.
    3. We will start the treatment and apply our chemicals specially created for controlling bed bugs.
    4. Then again we will inspect your home to make sure that all signs of bed bugs from your home are eradicated.

    How much should you expect to pay for the Bedbugs treatment?

    Usually pest control service very high prices for eradicating pests from your home. The price varies from the extent of infestation and type of pest that you are troubled with. Different pests may need different control methods, techniques, and chemicals. But, if you want to get the cheapest Bed bugs treatment Brisbane, fill the quote form or contact us to get a quote for your house.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are bed bugs?

    They are reddish-brown oval-shaped creatures about 5mm in size that feed on fresh blood from their hosts.

    1. Why is it difficult to notice bed bugs?

    Bed bugs are nocturnal creature about the same size as an apple seed. They only feed during night time when hosts are sleeping and can hide even in the tiniest of cracks and gaps which makes it hard to detect them.