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Early Signs of Bed Bugs that You Should Know

If you think bed bugs are harmless or confused about how those tiny-looking insects can bring you any harm, then you are far from the truth. Bed Bugs are nothing but miniature versions of Vampires. They keep sucking your blood if you do not take care of them. As per bed bug specialist Brisbane, Bed bugs are hard to detect, just like termites. And DIY pest treatments do not eradicate them completely. That is the reason they keep coming back.

If you are worried that your house has a bed bug infestation, you need to know all you can about the signs and symptoms you should be looking out for.

First, you need to be sure, then reach out for help before the situation worsens. See below for an in-depth discussion on the early symptoms of bed bugs and what to do when you become sure.

How to know if you have a bed bug problem?

Blood Marks on Your Bed Sheets and Mattress

It is entirely normal to freak out once you notice scattered blood marks on your mattress just after waking up. Don’t worry; they won’t look like those slash movie special blood and gore scenes. It will be like tiny spots, sometimes really hard to notice even.

Those hidden sloppy blood suckers leave their traces before hiding again in their hidden nests. They attack at night or, better to say, when you sleep. Bed Bugs’ can sense when their victims are awake and prefer to vanish somehow. That is why it is hard to eradicate them, and you need professional bed bug treatment Brisbane.

The blood you’ll notice on your bed will be black or brown because it’s the blood that the bed bug has defecated onto your mattress, fabrics, settee, etc. Once you notice the blood spots, lift the mattress to look at the bottom of your mattress. You will catch a few bugs roaming around.

Bizarre Smells

Well, the reason for that odd odour is a bit gross, but hear us out! Those bloodstains you’ll find on your mattress are the outcome of you grinding and massacring them while you sleep.

One of the smells that you might get has a strong yet sweet scent. That’s coming from an alarm pheromone. It’s an inherent defence medium that bed bugs have. The scent is used to caution other bed bugs of the traps of your home. Bed bugs actually don’t stay in colonies like ants. They alarm their fellow to any ambushes against their well-being.

Bite Marks and Itching on your Skin

One fine morning, you will wake up with an awful itching and notice scattered bite marks all over your exposed skin. People usually tend to think it’s mosquitoes doing it. But bed bug bites are comparatively itchier and reddish and, with a bit, bring sensations to it.

So how can you tell whether it’s a bed bug bite or mosquito bite? Take note of the location. Is it mostly around your neck and arms? Then, there’s a chance that your criminals are not mosquitoes.

If you do not take action, your nights will be a nightmare since you will keep tossing and turning, and your morning will no longer be good. Stop scratching those bites, and search “bed Bugs specialist near me” to get rid of them.

Discomfort after waking up or trouble sleeping

One of the greatest signs that you have a bed bug issue is when your family are feeling the same kind of discomfort and trouble sleeping at night. It will seem like all of you are missing the good old good night’s sleep.

Once bed bugs get into your house, they increase at a rapid rate. Talk to a professional bed bug treatment Brisbane right away and get help.

Eggs and Exoskeletons

Bed bugs can leave massive trails of eggs as well as the old exoskeletons that they’ve shredded. The eggs have a milky or white appearance.

Don’t Ignore the Bed Bug Signs

Now that you know about all the bed bug signs and how they can warn you of a growing infestation, be sure to use this information to your advantage.

What to do if you have a bed bug problem?

Bed bug treatment specialist Brisbane

If you live in the Brisbane area, the best thing you can do is to search on your browser for “bed bug services near me.” Your search engine will provide a list of professional pest control companies in Brisbane. Choose the best bed bug exterminator from that list after evaluating their site and reviews.

How Do You Manage Bed Bug Infestation In Your Home, Especially In Monsoon?

Monsoon is the season when pest attacks become a terrible problem. Bugs reproduce at a higher rate during the rainy season. The problem is the bugs are hardly visible at night due to their red-brown texture, and the nocturnal hours make them most active.

We know the difficulty of finding a sustaining solution aggravates your situation in the long term. Before problems get worse, you can try applying some homemade solutions to the infested area. 

Below are the things you look for to get rid of bed bugs. Why understanding the species is relevant and every other detail regarding bugs – you will find here!

DIY Process to apply

Those of you who have not seen them before can spot them by the black to brown stains of defecation. Mould on porous and non-porous surfaces is another sign to confirm their presence. 

Bed bugs shed off their skin once the juvenile grows. It is pejorative to eradicate them as soon as possible when you experience a musty odour like a soda pop syrup.


Observe wooden headboards minutely.

Try to find red or small brown spots on the bed sheets.

Once you return from travel, keep your trolley off the floor and elevate your baggage and other personal belongings.

Rinsing sheets and clothes in hot water at regular intervals is mandatory.

Inspect all the furniture carefully before bringing them home.

Never forget to check your garage and utility room.

Knowing the specifications of bedbugs is crucial.

On Knowing Bed bugs

The ovular bugs are 5 mm long. They are wingless and rusty brown. 

1. Common bed bugs are known as Cimex lectularius. They survive on humans and other animals with equal gusto.

2. Cimex hemispheric is a Tropical bed bug. They cause trouble during the Monsoon.

Usually, the life span of adult bugs is around six months. They require a blood meal to moult and develop from nymphs.

Bugs – a cause of worry

Bed bugs leave reddish scars and tiny bruises, which may result in itching to your skin. They feed on human blood and cause blood loss along with infection in the victims. For a feasible solution, search for ‘bed bug pest control near me on time.

Do you know that bugs can invade almost any surface and even move through your entire house?

Yes, DIY products like diluted rubbing alcohol are fine to try at the beginning, but they will not promise a lasting impact to get rid of the silent killers. 

Where does Professional Pest Control excel?

Local exterminators for bed bug help you look for live insects, eggs, bloodstains, and dead bed bugs in the most bizarre places of your house like walls and furniture, mattresses and sheets, photo frames, wall hanging, roof cracks, and electrical outlets. Even the insects might get into your wallet, suitcases, and luggage when you travel on public transport.

If you stay somewhere near Brisbane, try running a location-specific search like bed bug control Brisbane on your search engine and get the contacts. Normally, licensed professionals like them need anywhere between 2 to 4 treatment sessions over 3 to 6 weeks to make your home free of bugs.   

If you wish, you can opt for the laundry treatment formula to kill these troublemakers. Google affordable bed bug control Brisbane to manage the larger infestation at a satisfactory treatment cost.

Problems of bug infestation

Owing to their high reproduction rate, you will never find a few bed bugs in one place. Professionals use an organic procedure that will not have an impact on the environment. Remember, only home cleaning will not help because 

Bugs have a silent infestation. 

Residents cannot prevent their growth in an untreated place.

Spotting their eggs with bare eyes is impossible. 

Chemical treatment alone is not adequate to restrain their breeding.

A detailed inspection is necessary as a single egg may reproduce into thousands.

Somehow, they manage to come again even after treatment. 

Bed bugs love to hide near their food source. They disappear into the crevices of box springs, hollow bedposts, and upholstery during the day. Search for the bed bug treatment brisbane that uses aerosols.

Other spots they prefer include cracked wallpaper and behind baseboards. Do examine all these susceptible areas to find bed bugs in your house.

As of now, there is no alternative for fumigation and ‘heat treatment’. Search for bed bug services near me to maintain industry standards for bed bug management.

Are You Safe to Sleep? – Proven Bed Bug Removal Tactics

After a hard day’s work, sleeping soundly is all a person can ask for. But for some people, even that is too much to ask for as their home is infested with bed bugs. Bed bug infestation can happen due to many reasons and most of them are the most common ones that we often overlook or don’t take account of. It doesn’t matter how they have entered the home, getting rid of them is the most pressing matter once you have such infestation. Getting bed bug treatment in Brisbane is not the only way to remove these insects as there are some simple ways to kill these creatures.

How Do They Enter A Home?

Before we go on about ways to kill bed bugs, you need to be aware of how they enter a home, so that you can take prevention and refrain from doing all the hard work.

  1. Always inspect the hotel room for bed bugs when you are traveling. Make sure that you are not their transportation medium to enter your home. Check your luggage, clothes, and other things that you have taken on your trip before leaving and entering the home.
  2. Be very aware when you are buying second-hand furniture and clothes. If you are planning to buy a piece of furniture by using shopping apps, then you must take precautions before taking it in as there is a high chance to get bed bugs like that. The same goes for second-hand clothing.

Ways to Reduce Bed Bugs Population at Home

If your home has already become the hub of bed bugs, then it’s time to take offense and active role to kill them all. The following methods are safe and perfectly effective to reduce bed bug population from home and these are also tried and tested.

Cold Treatment

This treatment can only be effective if you have a freezer that can be set to 0o F. Get all the bed bug-affected things in a sealed bag and then place them in the freezer at said temperature continuously for four days. Bugs would be dead and you can get rid of the remains by vacuuming.

Heat Treatment

Just like a cold treatment, you can also use the heat treatment for ridding the bugs from the house. Cover the items in black plastic and place them in a dryer. Set the temperature high and wait for a few minutes or so. If you don’t own a dryer, you can get creative. Using a car left in the high heat of daylights would be better, but that will depend on the weather condition of your location. Getting a steam cleaner can also work. Set it in 130o F and steam all the affected cushions and mattresses with it until you are sure the bugs are dead. The best bed bug exterminator near me, however, would have more extensive tools for such a job. Hence, if these don’t work, call a professional.

Should You Do Your Bed Bug Treatment?

Bed bugs are some of the most nefarious pests you can find all over the world. According to the notable bed bug inspector near me, not only Australia homeowners but the business-owners have also been suffering lately from bed bug infestations.

bed bug pest control near me

Problems with bed bugs:

The experts providing bed bug treatment Brisbane intimate you about the numerous problems associated with bed bugs.

●     Physical and psychological horror:

Waking up with a pain in the body and drops of blood on the sheets implies that you are under a bed bug attack. Bed bugs feed on your blood when you are asleep. The physical and psychological horror of a bed bug infestation within your residence is enormous and should immediately be responded by calling bed bug control Brisbane experts. The itchy bites and the panic is hard to leave until you get yourself a thorough bed bug treatment, Brisbane.

●     Crippling the reputation of your business:

Bed bugs are those pests that can destroy the reputation of your business and leave it in shambles. Whether you are in a tourism business or a hotel and hospitality business, having bed bugs on your sheets and bedding could mean damage to your reputation in front of your clients and customers. You could incur heavy financial losses, and it might even cause the stoppage of your business. Searching for the best bed bug pest control near me could hand you a viable solution to your woes.

Getting rid of bed bugs from your premises:

If you want to get rid of an ongoing infestation at your place, you have to spot the species carefully. A bed bug inspector near me feels that you need to identify the common signs of a bed bug infestation and then opt for a bed bug treatment, Brisbane. The companies offering the best bed bug pest control near me emphasize that there are two modes of bed bug treatment Brisbane- DIY and professional.

●     Should you do your bed bug treatment?

Frankly, the answer is a resounding no. Though there is a lot of bed bug control Brisbane products available in the market, managing an infestation on your own would require a lot of time and energy. Moreover, bed bugs usually stay put within cracks or crevices near their preferred feeding spots like bedding. They only come out during the night to feed. Their particular color is difficult to spot with naked eyes. Doing DIY bed bug control Brisbane by yourself would require a proactive inspection of the hotspots of infestation, which would be ineffective without a thorough knowledge of the species and its habits.

●     Perks of hiring professional bed bug pest control near me:

The pest control experts providing effective bed bug treatment Brisbane deliver professional services that exterminate the entire bed bug population while mitigating the probability of re-infestation. Reputed bed bug pest control near me like Bed Bug Pest Control Brisbane offers a clear insight into their services.

The bed bug control Brisbane experts and technicians at Bed Bug Pest Control know the habits of bed bugs by heart. Their rich experience and expertise in handling a bed bug infestation have made them some of the best bed bug pest control near me. The Bed Bug Pest Control Brisbane experts are even equipped to offer proper residential and commercial bed bug control, Brisbane.

●     Residential bed bug treatment Brisbane:

The pest control experts of Bed Bug Pest Control will initially survey your property for all the bed bug hotspots and identify the significant signs of bed bug infestation. Next, they will provide a thorough bed bug treatment, Brisbane, with natural insecticides and chemicals that eliminate the entire population of bed bugs from your home. These days, heat treatment has emerged as a preferred method of bed bug pest control near me. Using heat radiation over a particular temperature exterminates all life cycles of a bed bug with ease, from eggs to adults. The next phase of the residential bed bug control Brisbane involves teaching the residents about identifying an infestation at the earliest stage. Effective bed bug prevention strategies also include washing, vacuuming, and drying your bedding at regular intervals.

●     Commercial bed bug control Brisbane:

Since a bed bug infestation could result in a considerable loss of reputation, productivity, employee morale, and customer reviews, a commercial bed bug treatment Brisbane becomes tremendously essential. The qualified and competent pest controllers at Bed Bug Pest Control eliminate the bed bugs in your business with the help of chemicals or heat treatment and teach your staff about identifying bed bugs early.

DIY bed bug control Brisbane would be too risky as it does not guarantee success in preventing a re-infestation. Seeking professional help would result in a holistic bed bug treatment Brisbane and relieve you of your woes.

Save Yourself from Bed Bug Bites

Taking efforts to clean your properties or compounds of pests is something that you can defer instead of an ongoing infestation. But what if these pests are hiding in your bed? Waiting to feed on your blood when you seek the solace of your bed for the night? Would you defer the treatment for those as well? You better not.

bed bug pest control Brisbane

Bed bugs are an increasing problem in most of the Aussie homes, which have hosted a traveler or a tourist from another place. These tiny critters have traveled the world and now feed on your blood to get fat. Searching for the best bed bug pest control near me and hiring the services of bed bug treatment, Brisbane can put an end to your woes and grant you a good night’s sleep.

Looking for the signs of bed bugs:

Bedbugs Pest Control Brisbane is one of the leading names in bed bugs inspection and control services. It provides effective bed bug treatment, Brisbane, exterminating these vile creatures using state-of-the-art treatment and control methods. The pest exterminators and technicians at Bedbugs Pest Control know where to search for them and eliminate the adult ones and their progeny. Before you search for the best bed bug pest control near me, the pest control experts at Bedbugs Pest Control provide a few tips to identify bed bug infestation signs on your own.

Waking up to red spots on your skin formed in a pattern:

If you have been waking up lately to red, itchy spots on your skin formed in a distinctive line pattern, then you are already in the middle of a bed bug invasion. You should immediately seek help from bed bug pest control Brisbane, it could lead to nausea and dizziness if allowed to continue without finding a solution.

Noticing an unexplained, sweet, musty odor:

When a lot of bed bugs are present, they release a considerable amount of pheromones. It results in an unexplained, sweet sickly odor. If you detect such an odor in your house, it is time for you to search for the best bed bug pest control near me.

Waking up to bloodstains on the sheets or mattresses:

If bed bugs have been feeding on your blood, you might unknowingly squish a few of them in your sleep. It will make you alarmed as you will rise to blood-stained bed sheets, mattresses, or pajamas.

Noticing dark, black spots on your bedding and mattresses:

The fecal matter from bed bugs results in dark, black spots on your bedding or your bed stands, wherever they are hiding in large numbers. These spots are grimy and sticky. It could be a stomach-turning experience, but this is high time that you seek the services of bed bug treatment Brisbane.

Small black spots on your walls or the joints in furniture:

The fecal matter of bed bugs forms in the shape of small, black ‘fecal pellets.’ Spotting these on your walls, within your furniture and the like, could mean that you have a bed bug problem in your house.

Bed bug prevention tips:

Bed bugs hide in the following places in your property:

  1. Mattress seams
  2. Carpets and rugs
  3. Drawers and cupboards
  4. Wardrobe
  5. Crevices in the bed frames
  6. Upholstery
  7. Skirting boards
  8. Inside timber floorboards
  9. Bedsheets
  10. Cabinets along your bed

Seeking professional assistance like hiring the services of bed bug pest control Brisbane would be an intelligent decision to get rid of these pests. Since these bed bugs are masters of hiding and cannot be spotted easily, a bed bug treatment Brisbane is the best option to get rid of these lowlies.

Heat treatment:

It is one of the most comprehensive methods employed by some of the best bed bug pest control near me. It targets the holistic treatment of bed bugs and their extermination. The bed bug treatment Brisbane applying heat treatment methods has a commendable success rate in eliminating the eggs, larvae, and adult bed bugs. The best part about the heat treatment is that it does not need to be targeted and can still eliminate the pests from their stingy hiding places.

Chemical treatment:

Most of the new bed bug pest control Brisbane companies employ non-toxic and organic chemicals so that the inhabitants of the house do not face a problem. These chemicals are targeted at specific hiding points and eliminate all the stages of a bed bug from there.

Scheduling an inspection and survey of your house by the best bed bug pest control near me will help you understand the nature and extent of the infestation and decide upon the control measures.