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    Today, Bed Bugs have been one of the typical household problems. Earlier, they were killed with different amounts of pesticides. But, due to the habits of bed bugs mixed with a lack of public awareness, its infestation is spreading at a reasonably rapid rate worldwide.

    Today also, even specialists cannot identify what exactly is causing the increase in bed bug activity around the world. It has proven that bed bugs have primarily been identified in hotel rooms, commercial buildings, public transportation, and people’s homes. The best, easy, and quick solution to eliminate bed bugs is to hire professional local bed bug pest control service.

    Happily, today’s pesticide management practices by bed bug control specialist Brisbane can boast a fantastic elimination of bed bugs. Bed bug infestation in motels and hotels and homes and apartments can now be eradicated using pesticides.

    Here we give you some of the best home remedies to kiss them instantly:

    1. Mint: It Is A Natural Insect Repellent – You can sprinkle some sheets near your bed and clothes to avoid bed bugs.
    2. Lavender Oil: Bed bugs and other insects are bothered by the smell, so consider it a practical option.
    3. Thyme: Thanks to its powerful aroma, it can get rid of a family of bed bugs in your bed in a concise time. You can place it along the length and width of doors and windows so that they do not enter.
    4. Talcum Powder: Being a drying agent, it will act until it suffocates the bed bugs. You just have to spray it on the sheets.
    5. Cayenne Pepper: It will only be enough to mix a little pepper and a piece of ginger with water to prepare a powerful solution that will exterminate bed bugs.
    6. Clove: Thanks to its high acidity content, clove oil can facilitate the extermination of bed bugs. You have to spray it on the bed and pillows for it to take effect.
    7. Baking Soda: You can dilute it in water and spray it on your bed and wait for it to dry, as well as put it near the cracks in the wall and near the bed to eliminate the problem.
    8. Alcohol: You can spray alcohol all over the bed, and the best thing is that it dries quickly. Just avoid washing the sheets right away, as they can deteriorate.

    However, as we have informed previously, the best and quick solution is to use Brisbane’s local bed bug control company.

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