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    The long-term annual average high temperature of Brisbane being 26.4°C and minimum low of 16°C prompts bed bugs to reproduce. 70-80°F is ideal temperatures for their breeding. The occurrence of bed bug infestations in Australia has increased over the years.

    Types of Bed bugs

    The 5 mm long adult wingless insect of an ovular shape is rusty brown. The juveniles are smaller and paler in colour.

    1. Common bed bugs or Cimex lectularius are found in Australia and feed on humans and other animals with equal gusto.

    2. Tropical bed bug or the Cimex hemipterus is a comparatively recent species.  

    As per the medical entomology department, there are five stages of nymphs development when they require blood as a meal to moult to the next stage. The adults can live for around six months at room temperature of around 23°C and much longer in gloomy weather.

    Consequences of Bed Bug Infestation

    Bed bugs live on human blood and leave reddish scars, tiny bruises and cause itching to your skin. It may give rise to infection and blood loss. To avoid such untoward incidents, search for the best bed bug exterminators near me and get a free quote on time.

    DIY products like local spray or diluted rubbing alcohol are not so effective to destroy these silent killers. 

    It’s quite challenging to check their growth as they often go unnoticed by men. Usually, they lay eggs in cracks. You must hire professionals to deal with the issue. Just run a location-specific search like bed bug specialist Brisbane on Google, and the contacts will pop up.  

    On Checking Bed Bugs Growth

    While googling the bed bug treatment company near meyou will find on their webpage that they suggest you clean all the mattresses and beds regularly and maintain hygiene.

    Using lids to cover up the kitchen containers and saturating the cracks are of utmost importance. No sooner do you see any trace of bed bug invasion than you must google bed bug pest control near me.

    Bed bugs have a high reproduction rate. Only bed bug exterminators are competent to eradicate them by delivering the most effective bed bug treatment. It’s not a cup of tea of a layman because 

    ● Usually, bed bug infestation happens silently. 

    ● It’s problematic to regulate bed bug growth in an untreated place. 

    ● They return even after treatment. 

    ● It is difficult to catch a glance of their eggs bare eyes.

    ● Chemical treatment is inadequate to treat their breeding.

    ● Investigate thoroughly as a single egg may reproduce into thousands.

    ● Contact the experienced bed bug services that dedicate themselves to your service. 

    Importance of professional bed bugs services

    ▪ We apply eco-friendly ways to ensure no harm is caused to people’s health or the environment.

    ▪ We educate you regarding pest management.

    ▪ We follow industry standards.

    ▪ We remove bugs thoroughly from your kitchen, bedroom, and washroom.

    ▪ You may hire us for same-day services or fix appointments at any suitable time.

    ▪ We opt for a deep inspection. 

    ▪ Write a detailed review as it helps us to analyze the infestation status.

    ▪ Our trained partners use a reasonable quantity of bait, gel, and residual spray.

    ▪ We offer a budget-friendly pest control solution.

    Advantages Of Heat Treatment In Bed Bug Eradication

    There is merely an alternative for ‘heat treatment’ as it offers an incredible solution to control bed bugs. You may apply fumigation. The eco-friendly measures we apply for bed bug treatment are organic. We safeguard you and your surroundings from toxic chemicals. 

    Bugs controlling measures at residence

    Our gel-baiting method is quite popular where we apply pest bait gel to cracks, hinges, crevices, under the gas cylinder, inside wardrobes, below the sink, and electrical appliances.

    We also use an insect tracking trap with a super-attractant lure. Emptying the whole premise is not mandatory. The process is odour-free, non-toxic, eco-safe, and harmless to people and pets.

    Bugs controlling measures in commercial spaces

    Our team of pest management applies the highly specialised gel baiting and the best mix of insect monitoring trap ways for their commercial clients. We provide quotes for treatment after auditing the premises.

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